Types and cost of service support

E-mail, priority e-mail, telephone, Skype, remote desktop and Visits from our experts

EyeComTec provides various types of service support for our software products, based on the requirements and financial resources of each customer. We currently have the following types of service support available (in ascending order of service priority):

In order to obtain all the benefits of our commercial services, users need to purchase one or several packages of prepaid service support. All packages have a different price and allow the user to pay for the time of communication with EyeComTec’s technical experts.

1. Support via e-mail

1a. Free support via e-mail

Free technical support is provided for clients who use our software with a non-commercial license. All requests from such users are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, during which free support from our experts will have the lowest priority. In accordance with the current situation and availability of our experts, a reply for any request may take up to several weeks. In order to provide a high level of commercial customer support in case of a high amount of service requests, the company may limit procession of requests from those users without registration.

Registration itself allows the user to receive a higher priority when submitting a service support request to EyeComTec. In order to become a registered user you need to fill out a short form on our website, including your name and contact information, as well as a short description of your diagnosis and other important information. A page with the registration form is shown during every start of unregistered software applications.

Registration is not obligatory, but it is highly advisable. Feedback from registered users allows us to release constant updates of EyeComTec products, making them more convenient and functional.

1b. Priority e-mail support

This type of technical support is available for users whom have previously purchased commercial licenses for EyeComTec software products. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, but they have higher priority in comparison with those users who have non-commercial licenses for software products. In order to obtain priority customer support, the user has to use the same e-mail address used during registration and purchasing of a commercial license.

Despite higher priority level of such requests, processing them can also take some time. The speed of processing depends on the total amount of tasks our technical support team have to deal with. In order to obtain guaranteed and fast customer support, we recommend our users purchase a prepaid technical support package.

In cases when users wish to receive urgent consultation from EyeComTec’s technical experts, we recommend them to purchase one of our prepaid technical support packages. The price for one hour of support from our technical experts is $50, while an answer for one e-mail is estimated to take a minimum of fifteen minutes.

This type of commercial support by e-mail has the highest priority level and speed of our specialists’ reactions. Answers for all questions are sent no later than two working days after a user submits a request.

2. Phone or Skype support

The price of one minute of technical support via phone or Skype is $2, while the price of one hour is $100. The payment system is similar to that of paid support via e-mail - the user has to purchase a prepaid technical support package in advance.

The user has to book the time of calls in advance, and no later than two working days before making the call. Our website has a schedule (available to registered clients who ordered our support package), where the user may choose one of our empty slots, thus reserving a convenient time for the call.

2b. Urgent paid commercial support via phone or Skype

If the user cannot wait two working days, they may request an urgent call. The price of an urgent request is usually higher, and depends on the number of technical support requests at the current moment of the call.

3. Remote access to the user's system

By using remote access, our technical specialist connects to a system and performs all necessary software settings on the user's personal computer. This variant can be used to resolve technical problems, as well as to perform initial configuration of our technology complex.

The price of one hour of technical expert work is $200, while the minimum allowed time of work is estimated to be 30 minutes. The user has to make all necessary setting changes on their computer in advance to allow remote access - this is because solving problems during connection will also be included in the total time of the technical support. It is strictly prohibited to use any means of audio or video capturing and recording during the technical support session.

We use TeamViewer or Microsoft Windows RDP to connect remotely to a user's system. Unfortunately, we currently don't support other systems of remote control and administration.

The user can also use this type of remote support to learn how to use EyeComTec software products. This shows a clear demonstration of all basic settings and basic operations. However, all employees of our client companies who use our product for commercial purposes, have to undergo separate training courses with the presence of an EyeComTec technical expert.

4. Visits from our experts

4a. Providing training for company employees

In order to maintain a high quality level of developed software products, EyeComTec technical experts carry out a special training course. This course is obligatory for all employees of companies whom plan to use EyeComTec software complex for commercial activity (system configuration for software products operation, setting and servicing, and performing user trainings).

This training is performed in the form of a seminar. The price of training is $250 per hour, while the minimum time of software complex training is six hours. Training is performed for groups of ten participants or less. In cases where a group contains more than ten participants, $30 is added to the hourly price of the training. The company, whose employees are undergoing the training and whom is paying for the time, which an EyeComTec technical expert spends in travel, is usually around $100-150 per hour. All details of training and technical expert visits are discussed in advance, while the receiving company makes an advance payment of no less than 50% of the estimated total cost.

Any recording (video and audio) of training is prohibited. By the end of the training, each participant may pass a test and obtain a certificate of conformity. This certificate confirms the competence of the employee and allows them to use EyeComTec software solutions in commercial activities.

The EyeComTec website has a separate section with information about certificated specialists. Thus, any user can verify whenever an expert has undergone special training by entering their license number or full name.

We also recommend employees of non-commercial and charitable organizations, who plan to use software products of EyeComTec in their work, to undergo training. However, we understand the complexity of financing, and therefore EyeComTec exempts these types of employees from mandatory certification procedures.

4b. Visits from our experts in order to implement automation of EyeComTec software for non-medical use.

An extended version of ECTtracker application, developed by EyeComTec, can be used to create automated control systems and serve as an auxiliary system for operators of equipment (completely replacing them in some cases). ECTtracker can be used to measure the level of solutions in transparent containers, control the state of analog indicators, sensors, position of robotic devices, and so on. In addition to a direct comparison of the image with reference samples, ECTtracker can transmit control codes into any receiving application or run necessary programs.

Depending on the needs and computing capacity, systems built on the basis of ECTtracker can be easily scaled. This approach reduces the cost and time of research and development to create automatic equipment for control of industrial processes in real time.

Visits from our automation expert will evaluate possibilities of creating a new complex, based on ECTtracker for a specific company, as well as make a number of proposals on the most versatile and efficient intended use of EyeComTec software.

The price of a visit from an EyeComTec technical expert and analysis of possible integration variants are discussed with each client individually.

5. Prepaid service support packages

In order to obtain maximum priority of service requests processing by EyeComTec experts, users may purchase a prepaid technical support package. This type of commercial support allows the user to receive the faster responses via e-mail, phone, or Skype. Furthermore, our technical experts can carry out remote support to perform EyeComTec settings directly on remote computers, as well as to explain the main principles of operation and give comprehensive recommendations.

Prepaid technical support packages can be purchased from our web-store, and allows the user to reserve a convenient time of communication with EyeComTec’s technical experts.

We currently offer three types of technical support packages:

Depending on the user’s needs, they can acquire any amount of prepaid time for communication with EyeComTec experts. Technical support packages can be used to prepay any services. For example, if the customer buys two packages for $200 each, they may get two hours of paid support via e-mail, an hour of consultation by phone or Skype, and one hour of remote access for system configuration and EyeComTec software settings.