Project IRIS

Project IRIS – software created especially for Tobee EyeX sensor. It allows controlling the mouse cursor with user's sight, can be used in conjunction with Kinesic Mouse.

Project IRIS Main Window

Project IRIS is an assistive technology to be used with Tobii EyeX controller. This application has a really convenient and user-friendly interface and allows users to control the mouse cursor with sight and to work with a virtual keyboard.

The main feature of this application is its possibility to create so-called zones of interactions (interactors). The user can create unlimited amount of such zones on the desktop, while the program will perform predefined actions when the user will move the cursor above such zones. Such actions can include any key pressing or holding emulation.

Project IRIS Interactors

This application has really flexible configuration. In order to avoid false actions, the user can set time, during which he or she has to keep the sight on a zone of interaction. Each zone can also be attached with a tag, which can make navigation process easier. The level of transparency of each interactor can also be adjusted. E.g. the user can make interactors fully transparent for full screen games or applications.

In order to provide normal operation of Tobii EyeX controller, users will need a computer with Intel Core i5 or Core i7 (2,4 GHz and higher) and Windows 7 or Windows 8 operational system.

Another great feature of IRIS (according to its developers) is a possibility to work in conjunction with another assistive technology – Kinesic Mouse. In this mode users can simply control any application by using both sight and facial expressions.

Project IRIS can be used as an assistive technology at home as well as in various medical institutions. Patients only have to change the direction of their sights in order to control this program, moving it from one interaction zone to another, focusing on them for a while in order to perform actions. Such system makes it possible to offer Project IRIS for patients with severe problems of the musculoskeletal system, muscular dystrophy, paralysis and other types of diseases, which result in total or partial loss of motor activity.