S2 Eye Tracker

S2 Eye Tracker Review

Detailed Description:

The S2 Eye Tracker comes with the Eye Tracking Viewer Software, which is used to monitor, track and record eye gaze data. As a subject uses a computer equipped with the S2 Eye Tracker, Viewer can be used to record a video of the on-screen activity, which includes exactly where the user is looking. By using a second monitor, this video can even be shown as it is being recorded. Below is a video recorded by Eye Tracker Viewer Software while a user read a news website.

Main features:

The Eye Tracking Viewer software is a simple-to-use program for recording an eye tracking session. The eye tracking software works in the background and creates a video of the screen, overlaid with red dots showing exactly where the user is looking at that moment in time. It can also save the eye gaze data as an XML or CSV document for simple processing by a custom application.

Operating system: