Touchless Keyboard for the Disabled

Touchless Keyboard for the Disabled Review

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Using your digits to type out innumerable amounts of LOLs and ROFLMAOs on crumb-laden keyboards is something most people take for granted. But the physically disabled, or, more specifically, those without the use of their hands and fingers, have a much more difficult time navigating a computer keyboard.

Touchless Keyboard for the Disabled

Voice-recognition programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking have gone a long way towards helping people who can't use a keyboard with a computer, but it looks like there will soon be some other options: Japanese company Actbrise recently developed a touch-free keyboard for people without the use of their hands.

Using a head-mounted sensor, the keyboard, which hangs over the top of your screen, picks up your noggin's movements and transmits the data to the computer as text. The system can also simply be used as a mouse to navigate your computer's windows and documents.

Now, here's the annoying part: The system costs $2,567, which makes Dragon Naturally Speaking suddenly seem like the bargain of the century.