Easy to learn and operate

AAG complex by EyeComTec is one of the most universal, flexible in operation, and simple to learn

The Augmentative and Alternative communication solutions by EyeComTec are simple and easy to use in comparison with similar software products by other companies. Programs of the complex can be executed from any external storage device without any need to copy files to a PC. Support of various user profiles makes it possible to load predefined settings for programs which can be useful for simultaneous operation of several users on one computer, as well as for user transfer to another working station.

Most of the time, the user works with a symbol matrix of ECTkeyboard, so our developers have done their best in order to provide maximum comfort and avoid overstrain. Thus, users can simply adjust the size of the symbol matrix, as well as the font of symbols, and amount of symbols in row or column. Users can also simply change colors of any elements of the virtual keyboard in order to reduce the fatigue of the user during operation of the program. There’s also a special high-contrast theme for those patients with impaired vision, which allows the user to scale symbols in the window of the virtual keyboard, as well as in the output text field.

The ability to adjust the delay of new character selection from the table allows the user to quickly adapt to the operation. When a patient only starts their work with the program and they don’t know the exact location of symbols in it, it is recommended to set a delay of 2-3 seconds, which will help the patient to get used to the new program faster. When the patient starts to type text confidently, such delays can be adjusted and set equal to one second or even less, thus increasing the overall performance, and the patient will be able to type larger amounts of text quicker.

Other programs of the Assistive Communication complex – ECTcamera and ECTtracker – contain all necessary settings in order to provide correct image scaling and ensure the best recognition in any position of the camera and ambient lighting. These features allow the patient to learn the whole program complex quickly, making fewer errors when typing messages and experience less stress during the translation of verbal communication to text messages.

ECTlistener duration can be adjusted, as well as the volume of the signal, which also allows the patient to be less tired while working with the program.

All these features and benefits allow the AAG complex by EyeComTec to be the most universal, flexible in operation, and simple to learn compared to other analogues.