Types and cost of commercial licenses

Cost of one year commercial license for different software products of EyeComTec

  Standardfree Professionalbusiness Partnerextended
Commercial use Strictly non-commercial
Charity or private use
Commercial use
in medical sector
Any Commercial use
Applicable license types (1.A, 1.B) (2.A) (2.B, 2.C)
Number of users per license 1 user per license* 1 user per license* Multiple users
organization wide
Number of simultaneous copieson single system One One Multiple
custom build binary
Supportby e-mail low-priority support priority support high priorty support
Matrix of Samples (max) 5x5 10x10 20x20
Points in structure (max) 100 300 300
Structure editor application no no yes
Color channels intensity debug window no yes yes
Structure points debug windows no no yes
Extra macroses no no yes
Additional voices no yes yes
Progress bar flexibility no yes yes
Pictograms of buttons no yes yes
Use of control buttons no yes yes
Log file format no yes yes

*each user (name and e-mail) gets licensed and is mentioned in the product key (each user has his own key)

*Commercial Professional (business) license price includes the cost of the program for single copy usage, with one copy running simultaneously.

**Technical support price is not included in the price of the license! Remote consultations through e-mail or telephone, as well as special trainings and participation in seminars, can be negotiated and paid on a separate basis.

Volume discount formula

There is a discount system for users who purchase several licenses at the same time. Thus, there is an additional 3% discount for each doubling of the number of copies purchased. Final discounts are:

A maximum level of 30% discount can be applied for purchase of more than 1025 copies of the program.

We provide partnership contributions (affiliate commission) up to 20% for companies and shops that re-sell our commercial licenses.

We offer special types of authorization and annual commercial licenses for our partners who specialize in the integration of solutions or technical support (installation, configuration, training) and are not using EyeComTec software products for communication themselves. In order to provide an extremely high level of provided services, all representatives of our integrating partners have to pass a paid training course with EyeComTec experts.