ECTmouse - ECTmouse initial launch. Getting Started

ECTmouse initial launch: Getting Started

In order to perform the initial set-up of the program, the user needs to perform several actions, which are listed below:

ECTmouse settings panel (Fig. 2. ECTmouse settings panel)

The selection of the key is performed by entering its decimal key code into a corresponding field. However, there is an easier way to do that. If the user double clicks with left mouse button on the value field, it will open an additional window with extended settings (see fig. 3).

Selecting keys for various mouse actions (Fig. 3. Selecting keys for various mouse actions)

In the new window, the user may select one of these values:

If necessary, the user may also add one or several control keys (Ctrl, Alt or Shift) to any selected code (except for the key to start and stop the emulation process – parameter 2). To do so, the user needs to check the desired items (Shift, Alt, Ctrl) in the 'Choose Key-Code' window. Control keys can be extremely useful while working on a laptop or keyboard that lacks the numeric pad.

The user does not have to enter the key code manually all the time. Users can simply click on the 'Press to choose the Key-Code' button. The button's text will be changed to 'Waiting for button to be pressed…' (Fig. 4). Following this, the user can press any desired key of the keyboard, and the code fields will be filled in automatically.

Waiting for key stroke in order to select ASCII-code (Fig. 4. Waiting for key stroke in order to select ASCII-code)

If it is necessary, the user can also set separate keys to change the fixed value of the shift step: decrease (parameter 32), and increase (parameter 33), as well as for double reduction or enlargement of its (parameters 30-31). The cursor movement limitation area can be set with parameters 50-53.

More detailed information about all the available settings can be found in the 'Settings and additional parameters of ECTmouse' chapter of this manual.

When the configuration of the program is complete and all key emulated actions are set, the user may begin to work with the ECTmouse. In order to start the emulation, the user can choose the 'Mouse Emulator Start' item of the menu or by pressing the F2 hot key.