Muse – a wireless headset with five sensors, which identifies biological rhythms of the brain and allows users to train their concentration and relaxation skills.

Muse Headset and App

Muse is a wireless headset, which allows users to capture rhythms of the brain. This device is equipped with five precise sensors and an accelerometer; it can be connected to applications for devices on iOS and Android. The size of the headband can be easily adjusted from 52cm to 60cm. This devices uses so-called “dry” electrodes, thus there’s no need to use special conductive gels to use it. Total weight of the headset is 61 grams.

Muse doesn’t use any external power supply, working only from an internal accumulator with fast charging function. One full charge is enough for almost 5 hours of continuous work.

Muse Device

The main purpose of Muse is to measure biological rhythms of the brain in order to learn how to relax deep and fast, keep patience and balance, as well as to deal with stress. This device can be used in conjunction with several applications for mobile phones and gadgets.

Usage of Muse as an assistive technology is pretty limited. This neuroheadset can be used to receive feedback from paralyzed patients, but it's necessary to have a real assistant in order to analyze obtained information about brain waves activity. However, this device is really compact and convenient, doesn't require any additional wires and has an adjustable headband. Usage of so-called "dry" electrodes makes it possible to put on and take off this device very fast. Probably, when a set of software is developed with SDK Muse, this device will be used in conjunction with virtual keyboards.