Kokoro Gatari A Communication Device for the Paralyzed

"Kokoro Gatari": Device for the Paralyzed

A Hitachi-led group has developed a communication device that can be used by the paralyzed. The device is named ‘Kokoro Gatari’ which means Mind Talk.

The device is for people who are suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). It allows the patients to communicate in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ by measuring the changes in the cerebral blood flow.

The group commented that the device works on the principle that the cerebral blood flow increases when someone intentionally thinks about something and it decreases when a person is relaxing. They have advised the patients who are using the technology that they should do some mental calculations if they have to say ‘Yes’ and just relax their thoughts if they want to convey ‘No’.

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