Pricing and Licensing

Cost of our products and services

Types and cost of commercial licenses

Commercial license price includes the cost of the program for single copy usage, with one copy running simultaneously. Technical support price is not included in the price of the license.

Types and cost of service support

EyeComTec provides various types of service support for our software products, based on the requirements and financial resources of each customer.

  • Support via e-mail

    Free technical support is provided for clients who use our software with a non-commercial license. All requests from such users are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, during which free support from our experts will have the lowest priority. In accordance with the current situation and availability of our experts, a reply for any request may take up to several weeks. In order to provide a high level of commercial customer support in case of a high amount of service requests, the company may limit procession of requests from those users without registration.

  • Phone or Skype support

    The price of one minute of technical support via phone or Skype is $2, while the price of one hour is $100. The payment system is similar to that of paid support via e-mail - the user has to purchase a prepaid technical support package in advance.

  • Remote access to the user's system

    By using remote access, our technical specialist connects to a system and performs all necessary software settings on the user's personal computer. This variant can be used to resolve technical problems, as well as to perform initial configuration of our technology complex.

  • Visits from our experts

    In order to maintain a high quality level of developed software products, EyeComTec technical experts carry out a special training course. This course is obligatory for all employees of companies whom plan to use EyeComTec software complex for commercial activity (system configuration for software products operation, setting and servicing, and performing user trainings).

Registration and activation
  • Registration process

    In order to complete the registration process, the user should submit a short form, providing the company with their contact details and reasons for using assistive technologies.

  • Serial number activation and key obtainment

    A page with the activation form will be opened. The user then needs to complete...

  • License hardware linking

    A free program license is valid for 1 year from the moment of activation. The user has the option to re-activate the license in case of a hardware or hard disk failure. Such re-activation can be done only once. To do so, the user needs to contact the EyeComTec Company’s technical support, indicating the reason for the required license re-activation. The user can also contact technical support in order to change mistakes in the e-mail address provided during the program activation. However, in that case, the user won’t be able to re-activate the program in case of a hardware failure. In both cases, such requests will be processed by the company’s staff on a first-come first-serve basis.

Licensing agreement
  • General Terms

    This license agreement establishes substantive provisions, as well as describing the permitted and prohibited uses of the software developed by EyeComTec. The licensee only has the right to use the software products of EyeComTec under the conditions described in this License Agreement.

  • Restrictions of use

    The end user is not allowed to use or permit the use of EyeComTec software products in any manner that may affect their functionality, including modification of the program binary source code and participation in any operation that is aimed at reverse engineering (decompilation) of software for personal or professional gain.

  • Registration of users

    The registration of EyeComTec program products is mandatory for commercial customers and legal entities. Programs can be purchased directly from EyeComTec, as well as from partner companies. As soon as payment for software products is complete, the company sends the purchaser separate serial numbers for each copy of the purchased software. In cases where advanced versions are available, the customer also receives links to download these versions.

  • Differentiation of commercial and noncommercial license

    EyeComTec software products are provided free of charge to all users with reduced mobility, who have the physical need to use assistive technology programs.