XWave – a budget variant of a neuroheadset, created on the base of NeuroSky eSense sensor. It allows users to obtain the information about brainwaves activity and can be used to improve relaxation skills.

XWave Headset

XWave is a budget variant of neuro-headset, created on the base of NeuroSky eSense sensor and developed by PLX Devices company from California. Due to precise EEG-sensors, this device allows its users to capture information about current biological rhythms of their brains. XWave can be connected to a phone or a tablet on iOS through audio jack or Bluetooth.

XWave Software

The set of software includes two applications. The first one is XWave itself, which uses phones and tablets to show current biological rhythms of user’s brain, as well as relaxation or concentration status of the user. XWave includes several mini-games, which allow users to improve their ability to keep continuous concentration or perform fast relaxation. Second one is Xwave Tines and allows users to accumulate statistic information about brain waves activity during listening of music tracks.

Developer of this device also created Xwave Sport model for all the fans of sport. This model includes an elastic band from a conducting material instead of the plastic headband.

XWave Sport

XWave can't provide users with direct control of applications and currently is marketed as an entertainment device. The manufacturing company provides developers with a special set of software. Such set can be used to create various applications controlled with concentration or relaxation skills. It is possible that new assistive programs for XWave are going to be developed in the nearest future, thus providing paralyzed patients with a new tool to control virtual keyboard.