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ECTkeyboard (EyeComTec Keyboard) is a program with a text matrix that allows individuals with limited motor skills to type text. The program works with eye tracking applications (ECTtracker and analogues), allowing to select characters through blinking, muscle contractions or other actions. ECTkeyboard has a flexible interface configuration, language input and character selecting delays. Saves all settings in files for subsequent work.

About ECTkeyboard

ECTkeyboard is a program included in a set of assistive applications developed by the EyeComTec Company ( ECTkeyboard is a virtual keyboard (symbol matrix) where the user can select letters, numbers or even commands by pressing a button or a pedal. This application can also be used in conjunction with eye-tracking devices, allowing users to select a symbol from a matrix by changing their sight direction.

The main idea of ECTkeyboard is to provide paralyzed patients and people with significant motor activity problems with a solution and a possibility to communicate.

The application is totally portable and doesn't require installation, allowing users to launch it from any external storage device. An unlimited amount of user profiles, as well as the possibility to switch them "on the fly" allows the use of ECTkeyboard in various medical and rehabilitation centers. This application is incredibly convenient to use. Thus, a patient can freely use it in just a couple of minutes after the very first launch.

Users can change the interface layout of the program in order to create a convenient atmosphere. The user can change the number of rows and columns in the matrix of symbols, change the cell order, as well as change colors and various fonts of all the elements of the application. It's possible to select the size of the font and set a high contrast color scheme, which makes this application comfortable and easy for visually impaired patients. Users can also enable sound confirmation of all highlighted letters or symbols.

Another great and unique feature of ECTkeyboard is the variable speed of matrix symbol iteration. During the first period, when the user is just starting to get used to the application, a low speed of iteration allows them to understand the interface and remember all letter and symbol positions. A high speed can be useful for those who already know the application and can use it for fast text typing.

This application includes a frequently used word vocabulary, which allows users to increase the speed of typing. Words that contain a high number of symbols can be simply chosen from a list, instead of typing them letter by letter. The user can always add new words to the vocabulary, e.g. names, locations and so on.

ECTkeyboard can also be used by people without any physical problems. The application is a simple and convenient virtual keyboard, one which can easily send any text to a third party application or immediately save it as a text file.

The application is really flexible and has a lot of settings, i.e. users can change more than 140 parameters: colors and fonts of the interface, all form positions, the speed of selection and de-selection of symbols, progress bar size and position, and many others. All the mentioned features allow users to perform optimal ECTkeyboard setting procedures and create a perfect environment for each user.

The main interface of the program is shown in fig. 1.

Main interface of program (Fig. 1. Main interface of program)

The following elements are shown in the image:

Benefits of using ECTkeyboard

ECTkeyboard – is a compact and convenient application that provides an incredibly flexible setup process. It has a lot of advantages in comparison with other applications in the same market field:

Thus, we can say that ECTkeyboard is now one of the most advanced and functional virtual keyboards in the field of assistive technologies.


About window of the program About window of the program
Main menu of ECTkeyboard Main menu of ECTkeyboard
Program windows with and without frames Program windows with and without frames
Appearance of simplified keyboard with icons Appearance of simplified keyboard with icons
Example of the main window of the program Example of the main window of the program
The program interface with the quick entry window (vocabulary) The program interface with the quick entry window (vocabulary)
The settings window of ECTkeyboard The settings window of ECTkeyboard
Color scheme preview in the settings window of the program Color scheme preview in the settings window of the program

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