NUIA eyeCharm

NUIA eyeCharm – an additional budget eye-tracking module for Kinect sensors. It can be used to scroll various texts up and down, as well as switch between pages with user's sight.

Smart Eye Pro

4titoo developed NUIA eyeCharm – an eye-tracking system for Kinect modules, which works with XboX and Windows. This device is equipped with an additional optical system, which concentrates IR-rays of Kinect and focuses them on eyes of the user. NUIA Software identifies direction of user's sight and calculates the exact area of the display, which the user is looking at. Keeping in mind that Kinect already has pretty similar functions (such as voice commands recognition and sensor inclination system) NUIA eyeCharm can be easily called an affordable device, because its price is lower than 60$.

Total installation and calibration time is around 10 minutes. NUIA eyeCharm works with Windows 7 and 8, OS X and Linux operating systems. The set of software for developers is also available on a free basis.

This device allows users to scroll texts, and switch pages, using their sight, as well as to zoom both of them.

NUIA eyeCharm - a perfect solution for eye-tracking at home, because it requires Kinect sensor. By tracking the user's sight direction, this devices allows him or her to perform simple commands, i.e. text zoom or scrolling. This technology can't be used to provide paralyzed patients with communication means, but it can be still called an assistive one. Those people, who have partially limited motor activity can use eyeCharm in order to improve e-books or e-docs reading experience.