Uniqueness of the ECTtracker program

Alternative Implementation of Computer Vision

All software by EyeComTec was developed from scratch, keeping in mind the needs of different user groups. Text entry with ECTtracker can be performed not only with the eyes opening or closing, but with any other visibly noticeable gesture. For example, in cases where the patient retains the mobility of the lips, they can run the program with movements of their mouth or other mimic actions. The software complex can be used by patients in different physical states.

Ease of operation is complemented by the ability to change the position of the area of analysis and to choose different recognition structures, as well as to scale the image using the ECTcamera program. Therefore, the user can simply reach stable operation and confident image recognition with ECTtracker.

There are cases when solutions by other developers can’t be used (not applicable):

ECTtracker does not involve algorithms of face or eye search, thus a zone of analysis can be different and include any area. Furthermore, samples created by the program fix the current distance to the user’s face, as well as some external factors including lighting, camera angle, and other environmental conditions. Such an approach allows the user to work at any distance, laying or sitting, close to a source of light, or far from it. Thus, ECTtracker achieves the necessary flexibility and versatility to work in virtually any condition!

Unlike many analogues, ECTtracker gives you much more possibilities! You can create various recognition samples (e.g. with eyebrow lifting or lip position changing) and the software will compare them with an image from the camera. Furthermore, it’s not necessary to monitor face activity if the user saved other motor activity. Thus, if the user can move their finger it is possible to configure the input text by such actions.