ECTlistener Quick Start

Configuring ECTlistener quickly

To start using ECTlistener, the user needs to operate the initial settings of the program. To do so, it is necessary to complete following steps:

The user can also set parameters of impulses, for example, using short sound signals. There is a detailed instruction in the "program parameters and ranges" chapter.

To change all parameters it is necessary to open the program settings window using SettingsShow Settings Form item of the main menu, or by using the F3 hot key (see fig. 2).

Program settings window (Fig. 2. Program settings window)

To allow ECTlistener to work in conjunction with ECTkeyboard symbol matrix and send key codes it is necessary to fill parameter #1 with the corresponding value: "ECTkeyboard by".

Then, it is necessary to set minimum volume levels for low and strong signals. All sounds with a volume level lower than the minimum level will be ignored by the program. Basic settings are: 25% for a low signal (parameter #5); 70% for a strong signal (parameter #8). However, all these settings can vary from system to system. This is due to the signal levels which depend on microphone sensitivity, distance to the sound source and type of sound. Even though the user can change all parameters of microphone and its position, type of sound depends only on the user's individual abilities. The user can create sounds such as moaning, inhaling or exhaling, and by blowing into the microphone. Also, if the microphone is positioned close to the user, it is possible to use a sniffling sound to operate the program.

After setting all volume levels it is necessary to select all key codes, which ECTlistener sends to any receiving software. There are fields for low signal #3 (pressed key code) and #4 (released key code). For strong signals there are fields #5 and #6 (see fig. 3).

Setting key codes and volume levels: green frame – for low noise level blue frame – for strong (Fig. 3. Setting key codes and volume levels: green frame – for low noise level blue frame – for strong)

After completing all steps it is then necessary to correctly position the microphone so that when the user makes a low level signal the volume level in the program window will show (for our real example) from 25% to 70% of the program scale, and when the user makes a loud signal, more than 70%. All sounds lower than 25% will be ignored by the program. This feature was implemented so that background noises and regular breathing from the user is ignored and is therefore not picked up by the software.

Now ECTlistener software is ready to work in conjunction with the ECTkeyboard program. By selecting any desired mode of ECTkeyboard, the user can start typing text letter by letter. (see fig. 4).

ECTlistener and ECTkeyboard simultaneous work (Fig. 4. ECTlistener and ECTkeyboard simultaneous work)