Smart Eye DR120

Smart Eye DR120 – an eye-tracking device, combined with a widescreen 24" display. It uses the "dark pupil" method and has a working frequency of 120Hz.

Smart Eye DR120

Smart Eye DR120 is a device developed by Swedish Smart Eye AB. This eye-tracker includes a 24" widescreen display and can track not only eye dimensional motions, but also the angle of rotation of each eye of the user.

This device is very precise. Measurement accuracy is less than 0.5 degree (including eye rotation parameters). The active working zone of this device is a square with 40 cm sides, while its working frequency is 120Hz.

This eye-tracker uses so-called "dark pupil" principle, and can track user's eyes even if he or she wears glasses or contact lenses. This device tracks in real time such paramteres, as positions of the head and eyes of the user, diameters of pupils, direction of user's sight, saccades and stillness of sight, as well as time of blinking.

Smart Eye DR120 supports fast autocalibration (up to 0 key points). The device is equipped with a convenient support with variable height and angle of inclination of the display, as well as with integrated speakers.

The main task of Smart Eye DR120 is to be an assistive technology. This eye-tracker is constructed as a monoblock and can be used with paralyzed patients and people with reduced motor activity in medical institutions. There's no need to buy any additional equipment, because this tracker has everything necessary even in the basic version: a widescreen display with a variable inclination angle and internal speakers. Its ability to accumulate high amount of information about current state of eyes can help is some ophthalmological researches.