faceLAB 5 – a tracking device with two separate cameras which can have various positions. It tracks current eye position, the direction of user's sight and lips movements.

faceLAB 5

faceLAB 5 is a hardware eye-tracking device from Australian "Seeing Machines". In comparison with other similar devices, this system has its own specific construction. faceLAB 5 is based on two separate cameras with emmiters. Position of those emmitters can be changed in accordance with user's needs. Such approach makes it possible to use this device in various environmental conditions.

The active working zone of the eye-tracker, which patients can use to make free head movements, is a rectangle with sides of 35cm and 23 cm. Measurement accuracy of user's sight direction is 0.5-1 degree and depends on the viewing angle. This device measures such paramters as user's sight direction, positions and diameters of pupils, frequency and time of blinking.

faceLAB with external module

Furthermore, faceLAB 5 can also track lips condition (their current position and shape), which can be handy for several sociological, psychological and medical researches.

faceLAB 5 can be used in rehabilitation centers and medical institutions in order to help paralyzed patients. In cases when a person has retained some kind of mobility and can move lips, faceLAB 5 is able to track such actions. Thus, it will generate controlling commands for any application, e.g. a virtual keyboard or any other app. In case of total motor activity loss, faceLAB can control the direction of user's sight and current state of eyes (open or closed). This eye-tracking system can also be used in home conditions, to help with rehabilitation.