Melon – a compact EEG-device for daily use. Allows monitoring current brain activity of the user.

Melon Headband

Melon is a handy device with an EEG-sensor, which allows users to monitor current brain activity of the user. It’s intended to work in conjunction with iOS or Android phones and tablets.

The manufacturer of Melon markets it as a gadget for daily use, which allows its users to obtain statics about brain waves activity in different situations. Unlike many similar devices, it offers really light weight and convenient design.

Melon Software

Software on phones and tablets allows its users to monitor daily activity of their brains through a convenient schedule interface, where they can create various events. Thus, users can easily compare their level of attention during workouts, music listening or friendly chat at different moments during the day and so on. Users also have several mini-games, which allow them to improve continuous concentration skills.

Software developers are provided with several applications, which allow them to create mobile apps and receive statistic information from devices.

Melon is created for constant monitoring of brain waves activity. Currently there are no applications for this device, which provide direct control for software. However, relaxation and concentration states providing feedback themselves, which can be used to control several applications by paralyzed patients (e.g. a virtual keyboard). A set of assistive software, together with the comfort of wearing and usage of Melon can result in creation of effective solutions for rehabilitation and communication.