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ECTtracker Standardfree Professionalbusiness Partnerextended
Commercial use Strictly non-commercial
Charity or private use
Commercial use
in medical sector
Any Commercial use
Applicable license types (1.A, 1.B) (2.A) (2.B, 2.C)
Number of users per license 1 user per license* 1 user per license* Multiple users
organization wide
Number of simultaneous copieson single system One One Multiple
custom build binary
Supportby e-mail low-priority support priority support high priorty support
Matrix of Samples (max) 5x5 10x10 20x20
Points in structure (max) 100 300 300
Structure editor application no no yes
Color channels intensity debug window no yes yes
Structure points debug windows no no yes
*each user (name and e-mail) gets licensed and is mentioned in the product key (each user has his own key)