ECTmouse - Settings and additional parameters

Advanced Settings Guide

ECTmouse provides the user with almost 40 configurable parameters. These can be accessed through 'Settings' – 'Show Settings Form' menu item, or by selecting the F3 hot key.

All the parameters are divided into categories and are highlighted with different colors in order to provide more comfort:

Let's take a closer look at these parameters.

ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 1-24 (Fig. 16. ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 1-24)

Parameters 3-10 are intended to control mouse cursor movements with the keyboard. The cursor can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Parameters 11-13 control single mouse click key codes:

Parameters 14-16 control double mouse click key codes.

Parameters 17-19 - set key codes for pressing and holding mouse buttons.

Parameters 20-22 - key codes for mouse button release.

Parameters 23-24 set key codes for emulation of scrolling the mouse wheel up and down.

ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 30-41 (Fig. 17. ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 30-41)

Parameters 32-33 make it possible to set key codes, which will increase or decrease the mouse cursor shift step (cursor speed).

ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 42-45 (Fig. 18. ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 42-45) ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 46-49 (Fig. 19. ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 46-49)

Parameters 50-53 allow the user to set a bounding area for the mouse cursor.

ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 57-65 (Fig. 20. ECTmouse settings panel, parameters 57-65)

The window with the current mouse state clearly indicates all the emulated mouse actions, i.e. it shows which button is pressed, which movement of the cursor is made or when any other action is performed (see fig. 18).

The window with current mouse state (Fig. 21. The window with current mouse state) Various skins for computer mouse with or without a scrolling wheel (Fig. 22. Various skins for computer mouse with or without a scrolling wheel) Examples of different skins and background colors (Fig. 23. Examples of different skins and background colors)

The ECTmouse settings panel has its own 'Action' menu (see fig. 21). 'Set Current', 'Load Profile', 'Save Profile', 'Reset Profile' copy the functionality of the 'Settings' submenu of the main window of the program. This duplication of functionality was designed to provide the user with maximum comfort.

Additional menu of settings panel (Fig. 24. Additional menu of settings panel)

The 'Close' item of the menu allows the user to exit the settings panel of the program without saving any changed parameters.