Fove – a game controller and a virtual reality device. It tracks head movements and direction of user`s sight in order to identify the current focus point.

Fove Virtual Set

Fove – is the very first virtual reality device, which detects not only head movements, but also the direction of user’s sight. Such approach allows to perform incredibly fast and accurate control of virtual reality. Gadget will be available in May, 2016. It’s average price is going to be a little bit lower than 400$.

This device is described as a game controller. By tracking user’s sight and head movements Fove will identify the exact direction of user’s sight. Thus, graphic engine will identify and adjust focus. Developers plan to realize support of Cryengine, Unreal Engine and Unity graphic engines.

Fove Technical Illustration

The heart of this device includes its sensors, which detect positions of the head, as well as two infrared emitters and a camera with high sensitivity. This device has a frequency of 120Hz and estimated sight tracking level of 0.2 degree. Furthermore, Fove is going to be equipped with a 14.7cm display (resolution - 2560x1440px and 60Hz or 90Hz refresh rate). This gadget will use a USB 3.0 port. Total weight of the construction is going to be lower than 400 grams.

According to its developers, this device is going to provide us with an unrivaled level of graphics and interactivity of games, as well as allow us to achieve the effect of full presence. Game and software developers are going to be provided with a special set for development, as well as constant support from company’s experts through technical forum.

Developers of Fove market it as a virtual (augmentative) reality device. This gadget can also be used by patients with limited motor activity or fully paralyzed people (in such situations only sight control is available, because head movements are simply impossible). Unfortunately, nowdays Fove can't be considered as an assistive technology, which is capable to provide communication means for paralyzed patients.