OptiKey – a virtual keyboard with a predictive text entry system optimized for fast typing. It allows users to pronounce the texts and control the mouse cursor.

OptiKey Logo

OptiKey is a screen keyboard, which was optimized to provide faster text typing. Thus application works in conjunction with hardware eye-tracking solutions (Tobii EyeX, The Eye Tribe Tracker and some other models). Such approach allows users with limited physical activity to operate computers without limitations. This application can be used by patients who suffer from motor neuron diseases (including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy and other diseases.

OptiKey Interface

OptiKey allows the user to emulate mouse and keyboard buttons, freely move the cursor on the desktop and type texts in any applications.

This application has an incredibly easy setting procedure, thus the user can start its operation immediately after connection of any eye-tracking device. OptiKey uses a predictive text input, i.e. the user can just enter several letters and select a word from a list.

Unlike many other screen keyboards, OptiKey is optimized for fast data entry. It automatically puts spaces between words (there’s no need to type them manually) and changes letter register when the user starts new sentences.

The speech synthesis is another great feature of this app. After typing a sentence, the user can simply play it. Thus, OptiKey can be used by people, who can’t use their voice for communication with other people.

OptiKey can be used as an assistive technology at home or in specific medical institutions. This application supports various models of eye-tracking devices, thus making it more advanced than other simpler virtual keyboard solutions. The ability to control the mouse cursor significantly increases the functionality of this program. Furthermore, OptiKey can synthesize speech, allowing fully paralyzed patients to communicate directly without an assistant. In other hand, such features as a predictive text entry system and auto-correction will significantly increase the speed of text entry.