Immediate availability

Effective and affordable solutions for augmentative and alternative communication that are immediately available

Usually, loss of mobility in patients is never planned and can happen suddenly. It can be caused by strokes, accidents, and injuries. The faster you start treatment and rehabilitation, the better the results that can be achieved for each affected person. It is equally important for patients to have the possibility to communicate with medical and support staff. Assistant Communication technologies are in high demand these days.

After purchasing of a classic eye-tracking complex, the user can have a host of problems such as:

As a result, the patient has to remain without any possibility to communicate, from couple of days to several weeks. They can use other options and pay a human assistant for help during that waiting period. This is why it’s preferable to have complete software communication solutions in the vast majority of cases.

All products, which are developed by EyeComTec, are complete software solutions. It allows us to provide immediate availability for customers in any part of the world. In order to start the operation of our assistant technology software, the user only needs to download several light applications (the size of each application is no bigger than 3 megabytes) and configure them in accordance with the physical abilities of the patient. Thus, the patient will be able to communicate with others in just a couple of hours!

Complete software solutions have some other advantages in comparison with hardware solutions: