EyeComTec is the only option that works in some cases

Our software is the clear choice for many people suffering from various types of physical disability

Producing software that is considered by many to be life changing and at the forefront of eye control communication technology we are often asked many questions by patients, researchers and caregivers. In an effort to answer all of these questions and provide the answers that our clients need, our team of software developers thoroughly prepare themselves for any questions posed.

Just some of the questions that we are asked the most is “What makes your products different from others?” or “What are the benefits of your assistant technology solution apart from it being absolutely free?” and “Why would people with the financial resources use your technology over that provided by myTobii or Indexing EEG (http://eyecomtec.com/3301-Indendix-EEG-lets-you-type-with-your-brain or http://eyecomtec.com/3114-MyTobii-Eye-Control-Systems).

Our answer to these more common questions is that sometimes we are the ONLY solution and having the financial means or the endless resources isn’t always the best solution to every problem. Sure, it sounds like a good idea to be able to “throw money at” your problems and make them go away, but in the end, it is creativity and innovation that wins out and provides the most effective solution to the problem.

In reality, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or what your valuable resources are, when you order a competitor’s product like the myTobi or the Indexing EEG, you will often find yourself waiting for delivery of the product and, depending on your location, that could be quite some time.

With our technology, you simply download the file and configuration can be accomplished within minutes. This makes the EyeComTec software a temporary communication solution for those waiting for shipment of the myTobi and Indexing EEG products.

That is one reason to choose our instantly downloadable software, but not the only one. Another, more important reason, is that technologies like the eyeGaze and MyTobii operate under the assumption that the user can freely move their eye/pupil to navigate a mouse cursor. This isn’t always the case and, with some conditions, the user can only move their pupil horizontally making the more expensive eye tracking products useless. This is especially true with patients suffering from Guillain-Barre-Syndrome and other such maladies.

Take for example a patient that has vision problems related to old age, facial and direct eye burns as well as brain damage to the vision’s nerve systems. This will prevent these users from operating the myTobii product since it is similar to using a standard computer and requires very good or corrected vision. Navigating a website is impossible if you can’t see the screen clearly.

Another point that can add some clarity, is that many of today’s commercial eye tracking products are not able to recognize a human if their head is covered in bandages, is burned beyond recognition or is missing portions of their face and head making them not recognizable.

When talking about contactless communication products many people bring up devices that read brain signals such as the Indendix-EEG. Is this device really contactless though? When you delve into the way it is used and how one operates it, you can clearly see that it is, in fact, not a contactless device.

These devices utilize an array of electrodes attached within a latex helmet. This can be impossible or even painful for patients who have just been in a serious accident to wear. Also, there are those with psychological issues such as claustrophobia that have difficulty with enclosed spaces or are just too afraid to wear something on their heads.

Regardless of whether you have been in an accident or have some sort of psychological trauma, some people just don’t want to wear an uncomfortable device on their heads. The device is hot, can cause excessive itching due to the scratchiness of the device and the electrodes are attached using a special medical lubricant that some people can be allergic to. What does that mean for people with thick hair? It means that they may have to have their head shaved so the device can work properly. Although vanity shouldn’t be a consideration when communication is at stake, it usually is and that is especially true for females, teenagers, actors and those who just don’t wish to go through the trouble and embarrassment of having their heads shaved.

As you can clearly see, in every situation above, the EyeComTec software technology is fully capable of providing a real world solution for users of all types and conditions. This makes our software the front runner for users all over the world whether they have the financial resources or not to purchase almost any communication product available on the market today.

In spite of delivery time and being freeware and immediately available from web, our software is the clear choice for many people with many different stages of disability or lack of physical use of their extremities.