Click2Speak – a virtual keyboard with Swiftkey predictive text entry system. It can be used in conjunction with eye-trackers or some alternative control devices.

Click2Speak Virtual Keyboard

Click2Speak – is a virtual keyboard, which was created with a Swiftkey predictive typing system. This assistive technology perfectly fits patients with cerebral palsy, injuries of the spinal canal, muscular dystrophy and other problems with motor mobility. Click2Speak app can also be used by those, who have any problems with traditional keyboards.

This app allows users to type texts in any applications. In order to work with Click2Speak users will need to have any alternative controller – a footswitch, a head motion sensor or an eye-tracking device. Users can always use traditional mouse manipulator.

Click2Speak Prediction Engine

This application is based on the predictive typing system, which offers various words after entry of several letters. This system includes AI, i.e. it will offer the most chosen words (including names) more often. This program supports keyboard layouts for more than 100 languages. User can easily switch between any 3 languages.

Click2Speak can work in two different modes. In the first mode, users need to keep cursor on any desired cell of a symbol matrix to select it. In the second mode users can select symbols by performing any action, e.g. keystroke, eye blinking etc.

The program may show additional windows, i.e. numeric pad; a module for interaction with active windows of an operational system; a navigation module, which allows to copy and paste; separate windows to control the cursor and eye-tracking device. Users can also use a screen magnifier.

Click2Speak can be used with various eye-tracking devices: Tobii EyeX, Tobii Rex, Tobii X2-30, Tobii PCEyeGo, The Eye Tribe Tracker. This application works under Windows 7 and Windows 8 operational systems. Developers plan to add support of Mac OS and Windows XP.

The functionality of Click2Speak can be improved by an infrared emitter, which will allow performing remote control of any computer, home cinema or media player.

The main idea of Click2Speak is to provide fully or partially paralyzed patients with a communication tool. A predictive text entry system can decrease time required for typing. Several operation modes of this program allow users to combine it with various models of eye-tracking and other alternative input devices. All these features make it possible to use Click2Speak at home or in medical and rehabilitation centers. In such cases its transmitter can be used in conjunction with other devices in order to call an assistant, enable an alarm, etc. People without any problems with their motor skills can use Click2Speak as a convenient and functional virtual keyboard.