Universality of the EyeComTec tracking complex

Communicate using Strong muscles, Mimics or eye movements, Sounds

At the moment, the complex is based on 4 program products:

Patients type texts in the ECTkeyboard application. The main window of this application contains a matrix with sequentially highlighted letters, numbers, symbols, and additional commands. Paralyzed patients wait until their desired symbol or command is highlighted and then they can select it, using any form of action available for them.

The software complex, developed by specialists from EyeComTec, perfectly fits patients with various cases of paralysis or partial loss of motor ability. Patients can communicate using:

ECTtracker, both individually and the set of our programs as a whole, significantly surpasses analogues in terms of functionality and stability. Various combinations of software products fit patients with different types of paralysis, which allows them to use ECTkeyboard for communication, irrespective of the complexity of their physical state.