Possibility of continuous use

When patients use our programs in medical centres, they may simply continue to use them at home at no cost

In case of continuous rehabilitation, or when it’s impossible to restore physical mobility, a patient becomes confined to a bed or a wheelchair, and an AAG complex (e.g. an eye-tracking system) becomes necessary in improving the conditions of the patient’s home. Patients may experience the following difficulties coupled with continuous rehabilitation at home:

Use of EyeComTec computer-mediated communication software complex allows the user to eliminate these problems. When patients use them in medical centers, they may simply continue to use them at home. Furthermore, when the patient is discharged, their assistant can simply save all the settings and working samples, so that the user can continue to use them at home. A familiar work environment allows patients to tolerate the transition to rehabilitation at home more easily, without any additional stress or need to learn to use the new equipment.