EAS Monocular and EAS Binocular

EAS Monocular and EAS Binocular – hardware eye-tracking devices, which have two cameras and high working frequencies of 60Hz and 120Hz. Uses the "light pupil" method.

Monocular with monitor Binocular with monitor

EAS Monocular and EAS Binocular are hardware eye-tracking devices from LC Technologies, which include one ore two cameras with IR-illumination system. Bith devices have similar measurement accuracy lower than 0.4 degree, and similar active working zone, which is a rectangle with sides of 7.5cm and 6.4cm. Moonocular device has working frequency of 60Hz, while Binocular - 120Hz. Both eye-tracking systems are using so-called "light pupil" principle. They can be easily used with any displays with diagonal from 19" to 30".

Monocular Device Binoceular Device

Devices are tracking current position uf user's eyes totally automatically and allow users to perform autocalibration for 5, 9 and 13 key points. Calibration procedure is pretty fast and takes around 15 seconds. Both devices are compatible with various Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Software developers can use special applications and tools (API/SDK) for С, С++, Delphi and Java.

EAS Monocular and EAS Binocular trackers are perfect for rehabilitation and medical centers. These are rare devices, which can work with diagonals up to 30" providing the highest measurement accuracy up to 0.4 degree. Fast calibration feature and automatic eye tracking system make it possible to start operation of these devices almost immediately. The set of development tools from the manufacturer allows other companies to create new applications for trackers. Even the basic set of software for EAS Monocular and Binocular provides paralyzed patients with a convenient approach to control the majority of virtual keyboards.