Completely free for those who really need it

EyeComTec software products are provided free of charge to all users who are experiencing physical need and are in use of such category of programs

Specialists of EyeComTec really appreciate the importance of the ability to communicate for daily life and faster rehabilitation progress. Therefore, we provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAG) software complex on a free basis for everyone who suffer from such physical needs, as well as for health professionals and rehabilitation centers offering their services on a pro bono (free of charge) basis.

Commercial clinics, medical centers, companies, and specialists who provide paid rehabilitation services are obligated to purchase a commercial license. Integrators, offering commercial services of installation and maintenance of EyeComTec software products, should also obtain a certification issued by successful completion of a defined number of training hours.

Use of products developed by EyeComTec in rehabilitation centers and medical facilities that service paralyzed patients have the following advantages:

When patients use alternative hardware systems, they are obligated to:

The main difference of EyeComTec products is that all are completely free for those who really (physically) need them. You can always get the latest versions of programs from the following website: