IntelliKeys Keyboard and IntelliTools Studio

Intellikeys Keyboard Review

Detailed Description:

The IntelliKeys keyboard is an ideal way to give physical, visual and cognitive access for people with a wide range of disabilities.

It is possible to plug IntelliKeys straight into the keyboard port - serial or USB. Intellikeys comes with 7 standard overlays to choose from, for example, QWERTY, ABC, Numbers etc.

The seven standard overlays have a bar code instantly read by IntelliKeys - you already have a range of alternative keyboards!

IntelliKeys Keyboard and IntelliTools Studio

With Intellikeys Overlay Maker you can create overlays to match a range of learners needs and abilities.

IntelliTools Classroom Suite

IntelliTools Classroom Suite is a software platform providing learners with additional needs a multisensory environment. It enables teachers to tailor specific instructional activities, for example, literacy and numeracy, to the individual learning needs of pupils.

IntelliTools Classroom helps educators boost achievement in math, language arts, social studies, and science with: