Eye Tribe Tracker

Eye Tribe Tracker – an eye-tracker, created to control computers, tablets and various media centers. Developers are provided with SDK software set.

Tribe Tracker Module

Eye Tribe Tracker – is a commercial product, which allows to control applications with user’s sight on desktop and tablet computers. Small hardware module (its dimensions – 20cm x 1,9cm x 1,9cm, weight – 70 grams) uses USB 3.0 port. After the installation of necessary software, the system will track eyes and transform their actions into controlling commands.

Currently Eye Tribe Tracker can work under Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS operational systems, but developers are working on various versions of the application for different systems.

Eye Tribe Tracker

As many other devices of this type, this gadget is using a camera and an infrared emitter to control user’s sight. Accuracy of the device in not higher than 0.5-1 degree. Its working distance varies from 45 to 75 centimeters. According to official technical specification, response rate of the device is 20ms, which field of view is 40 by 30 cm with a distance of 65 cm (between the user and the device). This device can work with displays of 24” and lower.

High sensitivity of Eye Tribe Tracker allows it to work in various lighting conditions, keeping even the slightest movements of eyes. This device is positioned as an additional module to control computers, tablets, home cinemas, as well as a device for the gaming industry. Developers are provided with a special set of tools.

Eye Tribe Tracker can be used to control applications of personal computers, laptops or tablets by those people, whose motor activity is not limited. At the same time, the special set of SDK software for developers makes it possible to create various assistive applications, including those for fully paralyzed people. Such approach allows people to use Eye Tribe Tracker for patients with limited motor activity at home, as well as in specific medical institutions.