MyTobii Eye Control Systems

MyTobii Eye Control Systems Review

MyTobii is the latest option available in eye control of computing and communication systems!

Eye control enables users with significant physical disabilities to communicate, interact and to control computer functions using only their eyes. This brings new opportunities and improved quality of life for users who previously relied on slow and cumbersome alternatives for their communication and computing, such as manual scanning systems or head-mounted pointing devices.

The MyTobii includes custom designed software applications for email, document editing and web browsing. There are even eye-controlled games! Use the inbuilt wireless connectivity supported by Windows for cable-free Internet and email access driven by eye movements. (With MyTobii, it also is possible to control the mouse pointer with the eyes to access any Windows application, although this will always be more cumbersome than using the MyTobii Direct Control.)

What is Tobii Eye Control?

Eye control can be used as the sole interaction technique, but works even better when combined with keyboard and/or voice.

Using a concept uniquely developed by Tobii, it is now possible to completely replace the mouse with your eyes – providing a more productive and relaxing user experience for us all, or solving particular problems such as removing mouse arm syndrome for millions of users.

Benefits of Tobii Eye Control