EyeComTec Releases the ECTtracker

EyeComTec Releases the ECTtracker - Software Solution Allowing Paralysis Sufferers to Communicate at No-Cost

May 12, 2014

(Geneva, Switzerland), 12MAY2014 – EyeComTec announced today the release of their latest software suite designed for those who have been paralyzed or are otherwise physically immobile. The ECTtracker is a revolutionary new design that enables those with moderate to severe forms of paralysis to communicate freely with others in an effective and informal manner.

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EyeComTec, a subdivision of LAZgroup SA -- a group of developers creating software to help people who are suffering from paralysis or significantly impaired mobility. Their mission is to develop effective and affordable technology allowing paralysis sufferers to communicate exclusively through eye movements. EyeComTec’s extensive software suite includes the ECTcamera, ECTkeyboard and the all new ECTtracker

What is the ECTtracker?

In 2014 EyeComTec published a free software solution that allows typing texts with only eye-blinking. EyeComTec’s ECTtracker is a software suite that is free to download, easy to set up and life-changing to use. The ECTtracker captures and utilizes blinks of an eye to communicate via pre-programmed text on the user’s computer. When used in conjunction with the ECTkeyboard, it allows an individual to type texts letter by letter with eye blinking only. EyeComTec’s dedicated software works with any camera on almost any computer giving the end user an inexpensive way to communicate their thoughts, needs and wants with others.

EyeComTec is allowing anyone to download the software free of charge for any non-commercial use and is an incredibly valuable solution for completely paralyzed people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to communicate as effectively. Freedom, value and innovation; those are the things EyeComTec brings to the table.

The free to download ECTtracker software offers a more personalized approach to its users and can be programmed to the user’s computer in very little time without much technical knowledge.

The ECTtracker can’t do everything, but it can change the lives of paralyzed people everywhere in the blink of an eye. Paired with the appropriate computer applications, the ECTtracker will enable the user the freedom to access more features of their computer and send messages instantly to anyone in the world.

EyeComTec is at the cutting edge of impaired mobility software design and development and they are a company worth watching in 2014.