ECTcamera - Additional features of the program

Additional Settings Guide

ECTcamera also supports command prompt launch with additional parameters (i.e., selection of a configuration file and time for camera initialization). In order to choose one of the configuration files, the user has to enter “−c” key, following with a name of the desired file in quotes. Another key is “−screenshot,” which allows the user to define the delay in milliseconds. This is required for camera initialization. Different cameras require different time, from tenths of a second up to several seconds. The precise setting of this parameter makes it possible to set a desired delay time and avoid missing of the video stream, especially when making a screenshot. The full syntax of the program launch commands is shown in fig. 20.

The syntax of the program launch commands through command prompt (Fig. 23 The syntax of the program launch commands through command prompt)

It’s more than possible to use the automatic launch of the program (e.g., for taking screenshots periodically) with consequent termination of it. This approach allows the user to keep RAM of the computer free from ECTcamera, which can be really essential for some systems (e.g., for budget laptops).

Furthermore, ECTcamera can be used in conjunction with any scheduling application and associated with a specific event (e.g., keystroke, incoming e-mail, etc.), as well as used with different cameras or configurations. The ability to choose configuration files through the command prompt allows the user to switch between all settings on the fly.

All these features make ECTcamera incredibly easy to use. It’s an astonishingly convenient software solution.