Registration process

Registration process

In order to complete the registration process, it’s required to fill in a short form, which contains contact information and reasons to use assistive technologies.

* The registration is not obligatory for private users, however, it’s still recommended.
** The registration is obligatory for any legal entities and commercial customers.

Attention! Free licenses for EyeComTec software products may be issued for customers with a real physical need of assistive technologies of this type (to get more information, please check the "Free license" section of the "License agreement" chapter). The more information is provided about a disease that caused full or partial loss of mobility, the higher the chances of getting approval and receiving a free license for EyeComTec products. All the information received from customers is thoroughly checked by our staff, thus all application forms with no information about the disease of the patient (C1 and C2) will be rejected.

The registration form contains several blocks with various questions:

It’s recommended to fill in all the fields of the form.

Registration verification

After submitting all the information into the registration form and providing all required data, the customer will receive a verification request to the e-mail address that was indicated on the registration form.

Attention! It’s required to confirm this verification request; otherwise the registration process will be stopped.

After completing the verification process, the EyeComTec staff will check the completeness and accuracy of the provided information. After that, the customer will receive a serial number for the required software to the e-mail address that was indicated on the registration form.