Additional paid services

Extra services offered by EyeComTec

All the users of EyeComTec software products may freely find all necessary information in their user's manual or on our website at

All the holders of software commercial licenses can count on the support, including trainings, which can be provided in order to obtain high level of services quality.

Technical support price is not included in the price of the license. Remote consultations through e-mail or telephone, as well as special trainings and participation in seminars, can be negotiated and paid on a separate basis.

We offer network services that allow users to send typed text to the server of EyeComTec in order to provide authorized access for a user-selected set of individuals (e.g. doctors, relatives, friends). This service can be provided only to registered users. Such services can be provided in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions, giving significant discounts for our earliest adopters.

Furthermore, users are able to enable messages reposted into a special RSS-feed that can be synchronized with various social networks (Facebook, Twitter) using third-party services.