BrainLink – an EEG-headset with two precise sensors and a removable battery. Supports iOS and Android devices, but requires Bluetooth 3.0 connection.


BrainLink is a neuro-headset developed by Macrotellect, which includes two EEG-sensors. This headset is compatible with the vast majority of devices with iOS and Android and uses Bluetooth 3.0 connection with a working distance up to 10 meters. This device is really compact (180mm x 200mm x 22mm) and has only 74 grams of weight.

The main purpose of BrainLink, as well as of other similar devices, is to collect statistic information about biological rhythms of the brain. Knowing such information, users can improve their abilities to release stress, relax or keep any desired level of concentration. The manufacturer’s website features several applications for mental training, as well as various games for BrainLink.

BrainLink Charger

This device includes a removable lithium accumulator (160 mAh) with charging time of 45 minutes. Full charge is enough to work around 2 hours.

BrainLink provides pretty stable signal, due to usage of two separate EEG-sensors. As many other neuroheadsets of the budget sector, this device can't control applications on PC or a smartphone, accumulating only statistics. The main feature of this device is its indicating system, i.e. lamps, which show maximum level of concentration or relaxation. This system can be used as a feedback from paralyzed patients to medical staff. The set of software for developers is exactly the same as SDK NeuroSky, thus all the application can be used for both neuroheadsets.