User registration

User registration

The registration of EyeComTec program products is mandatory for commercial customers and legal entities. Programs can be purchased directly from EyeComTec, as well as from partner companies. When the customer completes payment for software products, the company sends separate serial numbers for each copy of the purchased software. In case there are advanced versions available, the customer also receives links to download such versions.

Those users who have a physical need for EyeComTec assistive technologies can also complete the registration process. In that case, they can receive license keys for free versions of programs (to get more information, please check the "Free license" section of the "License agreement" chapter).

Private users can work with published versions of EyeComTec programs without registration or obtaining a license key. But in that case, such customers won’t be able to use the technical support of the company. Furthermore, the "About" window with various information will be shown during every launch of the program, offering the user to complete the registration process.

EyeComTec can issue free licenses for private or charity non-commercial use. Such companies are required to complete the registration process and indicate information about the planned use of the program products (field of use, aims and goals).

Any commercial use of published software without obtaining a license will be considered as an infringement of the User Agreement (to get more information, please check the "Restrictions on use" and "Paid commercial license" sections of the "License agreement" chapter).

User registration is the easy and safe way to provide feedback between the development company and consumers: patients and medical centers.

Collection of such statistical data is extremely important for EyeComTec, because it allows the company to get detailed information about the needs of specific users, and improve the software in accordance with these needs. The program complex is developed continuously and many features of current versions were invented due to feedback from users.

In addition, a database of contacts allows for informing patients promptly about new and yet unpublished software products and updates of the EyeComTec program complex. Furthermore, users are able to receive information on the functionality of basic and advanced versions in a timely manner.