SAW 6 – a virtual keyboard for people with reduced motor abilities. It allows users to type texts symbol by symbol and control the mouse cursor.

SAW 6 Virtual Keyboard

SAW (Special Access to Windows) – a virtual keyboard for people with reduced motor abilities. This app can be controlled with a mouse, a joystick, a touchpad or any other controlling device. The application sequentially highlights cells in a table, while the user confirms any desired number, letter, graphic sign or control command. SAW also allows the user to draw and move the cursor on the screen.

This application has flexible configuration, allowing you to select colors of cells and symbols, amount of cells in the table and their size, as well as speed of automatic cursor movement in the table. This program provides two modes of operation: automatic movement between cells and manual selection. Furthermore, users can create additional macro commands.

SAW virtual keyboard was developed for Windows XP, while version 6.0 is updated to work under Windows Vista and Windows 7. SAW is an open-source project. It’s available for free download from the developer’s website.

The main idea of SAW is to provide patients suffered from paralysis or limited motor activity with new means of communication. This application can be used as in various medical centers, as well as for rehabilitation at home. The basic version of this program makes it possible to control a keyboard with only one key or an action, thus making it a suitable for fully paralyzed patients. At the very same time SAW can be easily used by people without any physical constraints, i.e. in such cases this program will work as any other virtual keyboard.