Lucykeyboard Review

Detailed Description:

LUCY is the easiest way to operate a computer with your head!

LUCY is a special keyboard for those who cannot use a normal keyboard. It is an alternative to operate a personal computer, communication device or printer. It's designed for people that cannot use their hands easily. LUCY can be operated with your head without making you look very different from non-disabled people, like when you use a head pointer.

Just a headband or a pair of glasses is enough, mount a little laser-pointer, some practice and the sky is the limit. Someone like me, with severe Cerebral Palsy can type 100 keys per minute. People with good head-control reach as much as 120 keys per minute. This kind of typing-speed isn't easily reached using a head pointer. LUCY is a perfect solution for anyone who's using a head pointer.

Lucy is a convenient keyboard, click here for specifications.


LUCY can be operated by :