Blink-It – an assistive technology, which tracks eye blinking, while totally ignores any other eye movements. It can emulate various key or mouse actions.

Blink-It Device

Blink-It is a device, which was developed with the idea to provide fully paralyzed people with a possibility to use assistive computer software. Blink-It is constantly tracking blinks of user's eyes, ignoring all other eye movements. Such approach allows users to control symbol matrixes and several other specific software applications. Furthermore, after connection of a special controlling module, users can control air conditioning systems, TVs, turn on and turn off lights and perform several other simple actions.

Blink-It consists of two parts: a small device, which users put on their heads to track eye blinking and a receiver, which has to be connected to a PC. The set of this device includes several programs.

BlinkPen application makes it possible to type texts, using a special symbol matrix with consistent letters iteration. BlinkMouse allows users to emulate main actions of the computer mouse (cursor movements and button clicks) by sending control commands from users. BlinkSwitch allows users to control third party software and connected devices.

Blink-It Device

Blink-It was created for fully paralyzed people, who retained eye mobility. This system tracks only movements of eyelids and it can be used by people with various eye diseases. Many models of eye-trackers can't identify the direction of sights of such users. At the very same time Blink-It can be used to control application with only one eye movements. Another convenient feature of this technology is a full set of compatible programs, i.e. there's no need to purchase and set up any additional software. Paralyzed people can use this device at home in order to type texts, emulate mouse actions and control home equipment with separately bought controllers.