Smart Eye Pro 5.10

Smart Eye Pro 5.10 – a scalable eye-tracking system, which supports from 2 up to 8 cameras and has a working frequency of 60-120Hz. It supports calibration with ulimited amount of key points.

Smart Eye Pro

Smart Eye Pro 5.10 is a scalable eye-tracking system, developed by Eye AB. This harware and software complex makes it possible to use from 2 up to 8 camreas with IR-illumination. Accorting to its manufacturer, such approach gives almost any viewing angle, including even 360 degrees. This complex can be used for medical and cognitive reseaches, various simulators and VR systems.

Smart Eye Pro Fields of View

Working frequency of the complex is 120Hz for 2-4 cameras, and 60Hz for 4-8 cameras. The viewing angle depends on the total amount of cameras and can be from 90 to 360 degrees. Basic configuration with two cameras created a working area of 40cm x 40cm x 30cm. The optimal working distance between the user and cameras is 300-360 centimeters.

This system supports flexible setting and calibration with unlimited amount of key points. Measurement accuracy of user's sight direction is not higher than 0.5 degree.

Smart Eye Pro Software

Smart Pro 5.10 was created mainly for medical and marketing researches. Keeping in mind that this system can simultaneously use up to 8 cameras with free positioning, we can create any type of working zones and the viewing angle of this complex. One or two cameras are more than enough to use it for rehabilitation of paralyzed people. Fast installation and calibration of Smart Pro makes it possible to start work in a couple of minutes. This complex can be easily used with several patients due to its ability to work in various lighting conditions and support of several user profiles. Furthermore, Smart Pro can capture blinking, saccades, export raw data. This eye-tracker can be used at home, but for that purpose it is recommended to use cheaper and simpler devices.