Eyefollower – a hardware eye-tracker with four cameras, a high working frequency (120Hz) and measurement accuracy (until 0.4 degree).


Eyefollower is a hardware version of eye-tracking device, developed by American LC Technologies, Inc. The main difference from other similar hardware solutions is four (instead of two) cameras with high working frequency (120Hz). Such cameras provide an increased active working area of 76 by 51 centimeters. The optimal working distance between the device and the head of the user is 46-97 centimeters. Measurements accuracy is higher than in many other hardware solutions and according to the manufactures is lower than 0.4 degree.

Eyefollower Distance

Eyefollower uses so-called "light pupil" principle. This device supports fast initial calibration with 5, 9 or 13 key points. Such calibration takes around 10 seconds and allows to use this device continuously without any additional adjustments or repeated calibrations. This eye-tracking device provides perfect quality independently to the color of eyes, as well as to existence of glasses or contact lenses on the face of the user.

This device supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).

Eyefollower can be conveniently used in medical institutions and rehabilitation centers. This device allows paralyzed users, who retained only eye mobility to use virtual keyboards in order to communicate. 4 cameras of this system result in an increased accuracy compared to other similar devices. Fast calibration feature and stable operation for patients with glasses or contact lenses make this device really unique and universal. Unfortunately, high price and big size of this tracker significantly limit the potential for home usage of Eyefollower.