EyeTech VT2

EyeTech VT2 – a series of eye-tracking devices for marketing researches. VT2 mini for laptops, VT2 for classic PCs and VT2 XL for exhibitions and presentations.

EyeTech VT2 Mini

EyeTech VT2 is a wide range of hardware eye-tracking systems, developed and manufactured by American EyeTech Digital Systems company. The working frequency of these eye-trackers is 80Hz, while their measurement accuracy is lower than 0.5 degree. These devices have various sizes and weight: VT2 Mini - 29cm x 2cm x 2,5cm and 200 grams, VT2 - 50cm x 6cm x 7cm and 1400 grams, while VT2 XL - 96cm x 6cm x 7cm and 2000 grams.

EyeTech VT2 Models

The main criteria for these devices is a distance between devices and the head of the user. Thus, VT2 Mini is marketed as a compact device for laptops, which normal working distance is around 60 cm. VT2 was created for PCs with working distance of 65-100 centimeters. Finally, VT2 XL is used in conjunction with big displays, exhibition stands and outdoor equipment, thus its working distance is 120-250 centimeters.

The active working zone for these devices is pretty similar: 33cm x 16cm for VT2 and VT2 Mini and 36cm x 19cm for VT2 XL.

Trackers from the VT2 series can be used for various purposes. VT2 and VT2 Mini are more suitable for assistive solutions. 10mm lenses provide 15% bigger active working zone of these trackers, thus increasing head movements freedom. That means, VT2 trackers can be used by patients with uncontrollable head movements. High measurement accuracy makes it possible to use virtual keyboards for fully or partially paralyzed people, thus providing them with normal communication possibility. VT2 Mini is perfect for home use, because it has compact size and provides easy connection and calibration procedures.