TM5 mini

TM5 mini – an eye-tracker on the "dark pupil" principle and has the working frequency of 48Hz. It tracks state of one or both eyes and has really low power consumption.

TM5 mini

Eyetech Digital Systems developed compact and fast eye-tracker, which can be used with any desktop, laptop or tablet. This device is intended to serve people, who suffer from muscular dystrophy, cerebral paralysis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and some other diseases.

This device has compact size (29cm x 3cm x 2,5cm), has really low power consumption (in comparison with other models) of 3-5 watts. This tracker weights just 230 grams.

TM5 mini

TM5 mini is using the method of dark pupil and it allows to work with one or both eyes. An effective distance from user's head to the tracker is from 40cm to 75cm, while working area is 28cm x 16cm x 35cm. Working frequency of TM5 mini is 48 frames per second, while accuracy of the user's sight detection does not exceed 0.5 degree.

TM5 mini is connected to a USB port of any personal computer and works under Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). This device can also be used with devices on Android, which significantly increases its range of application.

The main field for TM5 is the field of assistive technologies. This device allows users to work in symbol matrixes by using their sight direction change.

TM5 mini can be used as at home, as well as in rehabilitation centers for patients with full or partial loss of motor activity. Small size and fast connection procedure allow using this device with various equipment. High measurement accuracy of user's sight provides patients with convenient operation of virtual keyboards. Android support makes it possible to use TM5 mini with various tablets and portable devices. TM5 can be easily used at home, while possibility to control with one or both eyes makes it an ideal solution for many patients.