Kinesic Mouse

Kinesic Mouse – software for Kinect or Intel RealSense sensors. It supports more than 50 various states of the user: closed or open eyes, head movements and rotation, mimics.

Kinesic Mouse Main Window

Kinesic Mouse – is an assistive technology, which allows users to control various applications with facial expressions, head movements or sight direction changes. Kinetic Mouse can identify more than 50 various states (incline and turns of the head, eyes opening or closing, lips, eyebrows and chin movements), which allows user to create a lot of actions in order to control modern applications and games.

This application requires Kinect or Intel RealSense sensors.

Microsoft Kinect Sensor

Both sensors are working under 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operational systems and require USB 3.0 interface. In order to work with Kinect users need a Dual-core process with frequency higher than 3,1 GHz. RealSense requires a process of 4th generation (Intel Core i5 or higher).

Mentioned sensors provide users with totally contactless control: i.e. users will not fix any additional sensors on their heads or faces. Kinect is recommended for computer operation, because it provides stable results even at the distance of 50-90cm from the face of the user. Intel RealSense is more convenient for laptops, because its working distance is 25-45cm.

This application is mainly intended for those who can’t use traditional manipulators. This group includes patients with cerebral palsy, various forms of muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease and tunnel syndrome. People who can’t use keyboard and mouse due to their hands injuries, will also benefit from all the features of Kinesis Mouse.

Kinesic Mouse can be used by many patients with various diseases, which can lead to full or partial limitation of muscular activity. In cases when a patient is still able to move with his or her head or use mimics, Kinesic Mouse will make it possible to control various applications and use wide range of assistive programs. In situations when such patient can only change the direction of sight or blink, Kinesic Mouse will be able to recognize fewer actions, still making it possible to communicate using wide choice of virtual keyboards. This program can be used in medical institutions or at home - during rehabilitation or a daily use.