General Terms

General Terms of Licensing Agreement

This license agreement establishes substantive provisions, as well as describes the permitted and prohibited ways of use of the software developed by EyeComTec. The licensee has the right to use software products of EyeComTec only under the conditions described in this License Agreement.

All the software and all related intellectual assets (copyrights, algorithms, source code and technical documentation) are fully owned by the EyeComTec (LAZgroup SA) company. EyeComTec can provide a free exclusive and non-transferable license to any entities which are involved in charity or non-profit activities. In order to use software for commercial purposes, such a company has to contact EyeComTec directly and purchase a license. Any commercial use (with pecuniary interest) of the software developed by EyeComTec without license is strictly prohibited.

During the determination of the conditions and restrictions of use, the copyright holder provided all the information on a limited warranty basis as well as provided the rejection of any liability. This project is totally voluntary, and the parent company is not liable for any issued support packs or updates in front of those users who use software products of EyeComTec free of charge.

All users are obligated to observe and follow the requirements of this License Agreement.