Other fields of ECTtracker implementation

Application in the aerospace industry, power plants, control centres, smart houses or various production lines

An Extended version of ECTtracker can be used in various fields and areas, from automatic control of household appliances ("smart home"), to tracking of the status of indicators and control of robotic devices in the industrial field. As an alternative approach to “computer vision”, ECTtracker can be used in various fields of automated production in order to monitor and analyze any visible activity in real time. For example, ECTtracker can measure the level of solutions in transparent containers, can control the state of analog indicators, sensors, and the position of robotic devices, and so on. The application can be used to control states in hazardous environments, for instance on electric stations, the aerospace industry, chemical production, and in automatic assembly lines.

In addition to the direct comparison of the image with the reference samples, ECTtracker can transmit control codes into any receiving application or run necessary programs. In many situations the application can be used as an auxiliary system for equipment operators, and even replace them in full. Depending on the needs and computing capacity, systems built on the basis of ECTtracker can be easily scaled.

Thus, usage of an Extended version of ECTtracker from the EyeComTec Company allows the reduction of cost and time of research and development to create automatic equipment for control of industrial processes in real time. ECTtracker software is universal and allows the use of personal computers and digital devices in areas where their application was previously difficult or impossible! In simple terms, ECTtracker could function as an interface between analogue and digital equipment.

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