Main advantages of contactless technology

All work with EyeComTec programs can be performed remotely

The key difference of EyeComTec’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication software from other analogues is the ability to use it completely contactless. There’s no need to use motion sensors or facial muscle sensors fixed on the electrodes on the user's head or face; there’s also no need to use head mounted IR-cameras or any other attached equipment in order to provide user interaction with the program complex.

All work with EyeComTec programs can be performed remotely. After the initial setting of ECTtracker or ECTlistener, the user can immediately start its operation. All programs in the complex do not require installation and can be configured incredibly quickly. By using an assistant, users can configure ECTtracker and create necessary recognition samples in just a couple of minutes. Furthermore, assistants can use automatic calibration, edit Matrixes of Samples, or monitor program operations remotely, which can be used successfully in large rehabilitation centers.

In cases where lighting conditions and the external environment are stable (e.g. the patient stays in one room for a long time and types text, using an artificial source of light), the program can operate during long periods of time without any need to calibrate or correct its settings. That’s why Assistive Communication software solutions from EyeComTec are much cheaper and more convenient than other analogues.