Low budget software solutions

AAC complex by EyeComTec can be virtually used on any personal computer or laptop.

Alternative and Augmentative communication systems based on software solutions are significantly cheaper than their hardware analogues because they just need a PC or laptop for operation. Despite that the purchase of equipment still leads to certain financial costs, the total cost of such Assistive Technology systems is the lowest among all possible alternatives.

EyeComTec’s program complex can be virtually used on any personal computer or laptop. Thus, in all cases when the user already had a working station, they will not need to buy any additional equipment. For correct operation, the program only requires a web-camera (in case of working in conjunction with ECTtracker) or a microphone (in case of working in conjunction with ECTlistener), which can be purchased at any digital store. Such features make the solution from EyeComTec very simple and accessible (affordable) to all users.

In the case of purchasing alternative software solutions from other developers, the user may experience a number of disadvantages:

EyeComTec software has none of these disadvantages. The user gets an incredibly rich arsenal of settings, which allows them to not only disable additional program interface elements, but also significantly reduce the computational load. For example, ECTtracker users can reduce the processing speed of the video stream, or reduce the number of points in the recognition structure, which results in considerably lower demands for computer system resources. As a result, this allows use of the Assistant Communication complex even on older computers or low-end laptops.